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It is very frequent for clothes dryer to build up lint in the interior and eventually catch fire. Most of the time the lint burns out and you're left with a fiery smell in your laundry area and occasionally damage to your dryer. There's constantly a chance that the flames will spread and catch your home on fire! It happens. We've seen the consequences. When we are called to repair or service a dryer, we always clean out the lint from inside. We carry a shop vacuum on our trucks. The majority people think that if they clean their lint screen faithfully, they should be Ok. Not True! The Lint always gets passed the lint screen and builds up inside the dryer. Most dryers today are not easily reachable for the homeowner to clean out.

Please pay attention to this... "Dryer Fires Can Be Deadly"


Our idea to you is: Any time you have an appliance technician out for any repair, ask him to clean out your home Vent. If he's already there on another job, it shouldn't cost that much more to clean out your dryer lint. If he's working on your dryer repair for any reason, he should always clean out the lint in your machine. A few extra minutes of labor could save your house, your possessions, and maybe your life. Clogged vent lines will make the lint in your dryer build up even more rapidly. Be sure your vent lines are clear and your vent hose (the one attached to the back of the dryer) is in good shape, not too long, and not kinked or compressed. If you have the old white vinyl or plastic vent hose, replace It NOW!!! It's a fire hazard. If your vent line (from the wall to the exterior flap) is too long for you to clean out, you might need a qualified Technician to do it. Call us Now for you dryer repair Cape Coral or vent cleaning at (239) 214-0948. And keep in mind, if it's been a few years since anyone has opened your dryer, you might need to call and have it serviced. Dr. Appliances is Certified to repair your Dryer.

Also, Save on your Electrical Bill "Too Long To Dry? Call US for a Vent Cleaning"

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